A Guide to Watching Celtic FC Play in the USA

How to watch Celtic fc in the USA


America is only one of the many countries in the globe who support Celtic FC, one of Scotland's most recognisable football teams with a vast global fan base and a rich history. This detailed tutorial explains how to watch Celtic FC games from across the Atlantic if you're a supporter of the Bhoys and live in the United States.


You can find a list of the best streams on this site every game day, below are other ways you can watch Celtic fc play in the USA



Television Channels and Broadcasting Rights:


It's important to know the broadcasting rights and the stations that carry Scottish football matches if you want to watch Celtic FC games in the USA. As of right now, ESPN+ is the most available streaming service.

The rights to broadcast Celtic FC's matches in the Scottish Premiership have been acquired by ESPN+. Fans can watch live commentary, in-depth analysis, and coverage of Celtics games all season long by subscribing to ESPN+.


Subscription to ESPN+:


You must have an ESPN+ subscription in order to access the service. There is usually a monthly subscription charge, and you can sign up on the ESPN website. The site is a comprehensive option for football fans, providing a wide range of sports material.


Celtic Television:


Celtic TV is an additional choice for supporters seeking more in-depth coverage of Celtic FC. The official streaming service of the club, it provides live match coverage, interviews, behind-the-scenes videos, and much more. It's a great place to find Celtic-only content, even though licencing limitations may prevent it from broadcasting league matches.


Social Media and Online Platforms: Follow Celtic FC's official accounts on social media, as they frequently offer highlights, in-the-moment updates, and analyses following games. Popular social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are where the club posts up-to-date information.

In addition, a variety of fan forums and online communities can be great places to debate match events with other fans or find links to live streams.


Clubs for Local Supporters:


Find out if there is a Celtic FC supporters club in your neighbourhood. These teams frequently host watch parties before games, which offer a fantastic chance to meet other supporters, share the thrill, and take in the action in a lively setting.


Celtic FC match tickets in the United States:


Celtic FC occasionally takes part in international competitions or friendlies that are hosted in the United States. If the Bhoys are playing close you, think about getting tickets to see the action firsthand. For updates about upcoming activities, keep a check on the club's official website and social media accounts.


It's never been simpler to follow Celtic FC from the USA because of the abundance of streaming providers and digital platforms available.

(Free streaming list on this site https://www.celticfcnewsnow.com/ )

You can make sure you never miss a second of the Bhoys in action by selecting ESPN+ for live games, Celtic TV for exclusive content, or a local supporters club for a social gathering place. Maintain contact, proudly don your green and white, and take in the stunning game from the other side of the globe!


How to watch Celtic fc in the USA