Big Sutton has Some Home Truths for Rangers

Chris Sutton has some harsh home truths for Rangers and as we know the one of the many things the Sevco support doesn’t like is the truth.

It’s their preferred choice to be completely deluded at all times, whether they believe there isn’t much of a gap between us and them or whether they just repeat it to convince themselves only they know.

They also somehow believe Beale has big money to throw at the team this close season

 Big Sutton never misses a chance to wind them up but they should actually listen this time and maybe take in what he says.

They are definitely our “noisy neighbours” and before every Glasgow derby this year we were told how good they are going to be and how we would struggle against them.

It would have been better for them had they done their talking on the park.

Football Scotland reports Sutton saying “This Celtic team, mentally, are just on another level to Rangers. The Celtic players go into these games expecting to find a way to win. They don’t actually have to be at their very, very best.

“The Rangers team, they've got a bit of a mental block I think, I really, really do. It’s not helped of course that there’s going to be an exodus at Ibrox in the summer and certain big players, or at least players who have been big players for Rangers in the past, who simply haven't turned up in the recent fixtures.

“But from Celtic’s point of view, I always go back to the start when Ange Postecoglou came into the club and where they are now. That’s maybe a lesson for the noisy - or less noisy neighbours - across the city now.”

No wind up from the big man this time and could any Rangers supporter honestly disagree?

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