Chris Sutton Slams "Petty" Rangers over Away Fan Ban at Glasgow Derby Games

No remaining Glasgow derby league games will have an away support

There will be no Sevco support at the game this Saturday so at least the seats and players / staff will be safe. Not to mention the poor buckfast bottles, they get smashed to pieces any time that mob are about.

Speaking on the Record Sport Celtic Podcast, Sutton said: “I don’t like the fans’ situation at all. It’s rubbish for Scottish football. I think having no away fans is rubbish for the perception of Scottish football. It’s absolutely ridiculous"

“When I first joined Celtic, going to Ibrox and having 7500 behind the goal and likewise when Rangers came to Celtic Park made it a far better spectacle. It’s shameful and a really bad look for Scottish football around the world"

“I just think it’s petty, and it’s something Rangers really need to sort out. I can’t see the upside over all this? What is the benefit of banning away fans from the fixture? This game is big around the world and the lockout is pathetic. I think if you asked both sets of supporters, they would say the same thing. It’s ridiculous and it diminishes the spectacle.”

Can't disagree with big Sutton, it was Dave King who started this nonsense in 2018 pandering to their fans who where sick of seeing us partying at Ibrox. Now though we will have 60,000 of us partying at Paradise at the next Glasgow derby!