Daily Record admits John Lundstram is Crap

If you are a Rangers player and the Daily Record is turning on you it’s safe to say things aren’t going well. John Lundstram has went from a world class midfielder to a rubbish one in the space of a year in the eyes of the Rangers support and the Daily Record.

The Scottish media always hype up Rangers players but have decided to highlight some of his stats that the Rangers fans have concerns with.

I’ve not heard them singing it recently but the Scouser hatchet man was “the best on earth” at one point J

The Daily Record printed a chat among Rangers fans about his stats


"Here is a stat for all Rangers fans to enjoy. John Lundstram has 1 assist since joining the club. Against Stirling Albion in January 2022 in the SC 4th Round. Almost 100 games. 1 assist. 1.”

One fan responded: “(He’s) always looking to pass sideways or backwards. He’s scored a few goals but only one assist in 100 games shows he lacks the quality to play a killer pass. Cantwell already has a few assist from CM (central midfield) and Raskin has already got himself an assist.”

 Others didn’t see it as such a big issue, one saying: “Surprise surprise, a defensive midfielder that sometimes plays centre back doesn’t have many assists.” Another added: “He’s a defensive ball winning midfielder, it’s not his role to create scoring chances.”


Celtic fans could have told them this ages ago though, kicking opponent’s and giving them dirty looks doesn’t make you a great player though it does seem to endear them to the Rangers support.

Lundstram is said to be on nearly £30,000 a week and with his contract not ending until next year, it may be hard for a team which is struggling financially to bring in any new players unless a few free agents want to sign on with their teams picking up half their wages.

It’s a great time to be a Celtic fan, one way or another we seem to get a good laugh at that mob every other day.