Daily Record desperate for an anti Celtic story

After Celtic sealing the title at Tynecastle yesterday the Daily Record needed something negative to print about the champions.

daily record arrstspng

Really? A celebration of thousands of people and they go with a headline of two people being arrested.

You couldn’t make up how biased the Scottish media is, you get more arrests than that outside a quiet pub at the weekends but they thought the nation needed to know this important news.

They reported “Two people were arrested during Celtic title party celebrations.


Police have confirmed one man and one woman were arrested for breach of the peace on Sunday after the team secured their second Scottish Premiership title in a row at Tynecastle.”


Sevco fans literally wrecked Glasgow city centre after their Covid season title win so 2 arrests is not too bad surely?

hun wreckingjpg

You just know they are absolutely raging after yet another Celtic title win so they needed something, anything.

Champions again!! Hail Hail!!




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