Is Celtic Fc Irish

Is Celtic Fc Irish

A question that seems to get asked a lot by people not familiar with our club is, is Celtic fc Irish?

A lot of Celtic’s Irish connections come down to how Celtic Fc was founded. Celtic is a Scottish club with strong Irish roots.

Irish Marist Brother Brother Walfrid established Celtic FC in 1887 with the goal of reducing poverty in Glasgow's Irish immigrant East End neighbourhood. 

Due to its Irish heritage and support for Irish causes, such as Irish independence, the club has historically drawn support from the diaspora of Irish people in Scotland and other countries.

The name and logo of the club are also influenced by Irish culture. The four-leaf clover, which is also featured, is a traditional Irish luck symbol. 

The Celtic cross, which is depicted in the club's badge, is a symbol of Celtic and early Christian Ireland.

Through Celtics supporters' organisations, some of which have branches in Ireland, and through friendlies against Irish clubs, Celtic FC has also maintained strong ties with Ireland. 

The team has a sizable fan base in Ireland, and Irish television frequently airs Celtic games.

While Celtic FC is based in Scotland and competes in the Scottish Professional Football League, its connection to Ireland remains an important part of its identity and cultural heritage.