Kenny Miller is Raging!

Kenny Miller Raging about the Glasgow Derby

Kenny Miller got a little bit heated after a Celtic fan called into Super Scoreboard to talk about the Glasgow derby.

He insisted that Callum McGregor had dodged a bullet not been booked earlier and that Kyogo goes down too easily!

Can you imagine the balls on the guy mentioning anything about a player going down too easily after watching Malik Tillman dive constantly anytime a Celtic player got near him.

I sneezed in my living room watching the game and I think even that put the fecker down.

I think Kenny Millers bitterness came out quite a bit in this exchange, it’s unbelievable to think this rat pulled on the hoops at one time.

 The Celtic fan (Callum from East Kilbride) pointed out some facts to Miller the likes of Ben Davies being allowed to elbow Kyogo in the face with no punishment but there was no talking sense to the Ibrox leg end.

The transcript to the conversation and link to listen on Twitter below…

Callum (Celtic Fan): There is this myth going about that Rangers were the better side, Kenny said that Rangers were the better side- Kenny the gap is as big as 12 points and 29 goals, it’s not close, Celtic haven’t lost in nearly two years over 90 minutes to Rangers.

There’s so many points going this season where I think that Rangers have been let off on one as well. I look back on Ben Davies, e actually elbows Kyogo in the face when he is running, he sees Kyogo is close and sticks his elbow out.

Jozo Simunovic (2018) was sent off for the exact same thing against Morelos at Ibrox, I can remember that, his arm wasn’t extended as much

Gordon Duncan: Ben Davies- an elbow on Kyogo?

Kenny Miller: Nah, not at all. Lets be honest Kyogo is a wonderful player but he does go down easily. That’s been something in his game since he has been here, he does go down easily. So no, absolutely no, I actually would suggest that Callum McGregor dodged a bullet, early, he should have been booked for that.

Do you not agree Callum? He should have been booked for the Cantwell tackle, first tackle, he got away with it because he is the Celtic captain and it was early in the game, that is a counter-attacking situation that he should have been booked for. There’s no doubt about it.

One thing that’s not up for any doubt at all, Kenny Miller is raging!



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