Kevin Thomson wants Celtic players "roughed up"

The Glasgow Times reports that Kevin Thomson’s advice for Rangers tomorrow is to “rough them up”.

He has said that Rangers have to play to their strengths which basically means kick Celtic players up and down the park and hopefully Willie Collum will look the other way (which is very likely)

The ex Rangers man (he played for the original Rangers) is employed by the BBC for his expert opinions.

Thomson believes that if the game were to remain tight as it got closer to the end or extra time, Celtic might get tired.

Speaking on the BBC Scottish Football podcast, Thomson said: "Celtic's mentality is that they want to go and win the game. Ange Postecoglou is not going to change.

"He is going to play - he might not have the ballboys throwing the ball as quick right enough with it being Hampden - but he's going to have that front foot football.

"They are relentless. I do think that this Celtic team tires. Normally the game is buried and they can slow it down a bit and conserve a bit of energy.

"I just think Rangers, like the game against Celtic in extra time [last year's Scottish Cup semi-final), need to go to the well.

"Cliche or not, they need to dig deep, they need to rough them up. They are not an overly big team, Celtic. They are a very technical and fast, nimble team. You need to play to your strengths.

"I'm not so sure Rangers have the make up in their team to go to toe-to-toe and really bully Celtic, so Mick is going to have to have wee cute bits to try and exploit different things."

By wee cute bits does he mean constantly diving again to pick up non stop free kicks and maybe another dodgy penalty?

For once, I actually agree with one of the Sevco cheerleaders they can’t win with skill so their best bet probably would be to do nothing kick Celtic players

Willie Collum is usually a nightmare and after the treatment Kevin Clancy got after the last Glasgow derby he will be petrified to apply the rules equally. To make matters worse we have Steven McLean on Var duty

Hopefully we come out all guns blazing and blow them away early giving the refs and the Rangers tactics pointless


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