More disrespect from Ibrox. Will they ever learn?

They never learn do they?

Only a few days after Rangers coach Neil Banfield disrespected Celtic with vague comments about Ange we now have Nico Raskin refusing to say Celtic, referring to us as “them”

We had Fashion Sakala calling us “that mob” and Todd Cantwell saying we didn’t win the last Glasgow derby they lost it. Now Nico Raskin takes his turn.

He says that Rangers have cut the gap on Celtic despite the points gap growing at the weekend?

Speaking to Sky Sports he says “"It's very important for two reasons. Rangers we need to win something for the season and it is our last chance, we also want to win against them," said Raskin.


"The last game we lost but we have another feeling, we are not that far from them.

"We had some chances, okay, they won, so now we focus even more on ourselves, and we go with a strong team and mentality, and go for it."

Raskin played at Parkhead earlier this month in his side's 3-2 defeat but he now can't wait to face off against the rivals at the national stadium.

"The atmosphere was great [at the League Cup final], the half-and-half stadium was great, now we want to make our fans proud.

"The last time we lost this game and it was painful to see them enjoying it with their fans and see our fans sad. We will go for it.

"I am waiting to play in the Old Firm at our stadium, I have played there [Celtic Park] and Hampden.

"You can feel the atmosphere, it is great. When you have 60,000 that are so passionate you can feel it.

"It is something you don't see in every country. You need to see it and feel it to understand what it is."


Lucky for us, Celtic do our talking on the pitch. Roll on Sunday!!



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