Rangers fans turn on Todd Cantwell

Sevco fans have criticised Todd Cantwell on Instagram for saying that Rangers lost the Glasgow Derby and that Celtic had 'not won' the game.

He shared an Instagram post which said “"The disappointment is real.

"We lost the game they didn’t win it. We continue to stick together and build in the right direction, this is a project and an exciting one. Stick together as one!"

This post pandering to them has seemingly backfired with the Rangers support not too happy (the following comments are in the Sun)

One fan replied: "Na mate, we certainly lost it no matter how you look at it! We were not good enough again... our defending is shocking [it] has been for a while. Three defensive errors cost us, two by Davies and one by Souttar... shocking!"

"But Celtic literally won the game 3-2," a second added. While a third responded: "Just be quiet, Todd!" 

"Keep spouting absolute drivel, seems to be the Beale regime's greatest asset. Whatever makes the pill easier to swallow," a fourth added. While another said: "Nice to see you're settling into Rangers perfectly. Showing the right mentality that's required to play for the club: a greeting loser mentality!"

Todd Cantwell was supposed to put McGregor in his place, failing that he tried his luck on social media to appease their fans, that didn’t work either!