Sevco fan wants Alex Rae to start scudding the players

Nothing seems to be working out for the current crop of losers Rangers have put together for this seasons title challenge so one of their fans has an ingenious way to motivate them.

One one of their fans podcasts suggests something that will get the team going again. 

When asked by a more level headed Sevco fan who’s going to “stick a rocket up their arse” as Martin suggested he replies “I’d like to hope Alex Rae has already thrown a few punches”

Imagine in that already demoralised dressing room having a coked up lurch looking prick trying to punch you?

These fcukers are living on another planet.

I can tell you what I think went wrong for their team this season. Their club didn’t have much money for transfers so they bought in duds on the cheap for undisclosed fees. The fees quoted in our media will be nowhere near what they actually paid.

Then the usual cheerleaders got their hopes up comparing the new signings to every world class player out there.

The season kicks off and reality kicks in and everything comes crashing down, it’s hilarious and long may it continue. Now they have Alex Rae in the dug out it doesn’t get much funnier than that!

Check out the brain trust talking over their problems here

Hail Hail!!

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