Souness Freaking out for Rangers after Rodgers Return

The Rangers fans are now at the stage of denial after Brendan Rodgers returning to Celtic. On their forums, they are rewriting history even the Daily Mails Gary Keown branded Rodgers first stint at Celtic a failure.

Do you think for a second Mr Keown would have written a similar article about Gerrard if he had the same amount of success at Rangers as Brendan did at Celtic?

His article is basically moon howling mental gymnastics about Celtic in Europe under Rodgers but it just reeks of bitterness, you can tell he’s not happy with Rodgers coming back.

The Scottish media will be working overtime this week trying to divide the Celtic support, the Green Brigade probably didn’t help our cause with their anti-Rodgers tweet earlier.

I agree with the points Souness makes while talking with talkSPORT he says “I tell you what it does, obviously my focus on the other side of Glasgow. This is the worry for me as a Rangers man, that he has asked for assurances on budgets.

"What he is going to spend, how much he can spend. I am sure if Brendan had sat he would have got job offers back in England, maybe not the Premier League but certainly top end Championship.

"So it worries me slightly he has gone back for that fact alone that promises have been made to him about budgets and how much he can spend. That ain't good news for Rangers."

He is correct after what happened last time Brendan would have been given assurances that he will be able to spend some serious money on players.

That and the fact he is a top manager should worry the Sevco fans especially as Beale is looking for Bosmans and loans to shore up his squad.

It’s going to be another great season Bhoys and Ghirls

Hail Hail!!!




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