The Sun has to get the Klan ready for austerity

Do you remember the phrase "For every five pounds Celtic spend, we will spend ten" by David Murray? 

At the time we thought Murray was spending his own money buying up players in the 90's we could only dream off what we didn't know was his friend Gavin Masterton was letting him play with the Bank of Scotlands money. While every other club in the country had to live within their means the Ibrox club was allowed to spend money they never had or generated. 

Celtic fans always mention the EBT's which started in 2001 many forget or don't know the 90's where a sham, Judas Mo Johnston was even said to have a tax free signing on bonus. Rangers where cheating from the day David Murray entered Ibrox.

Things have changed a lot since Murray got rid of the original Rangers for a quid now they do have to actually live within their means especially with UEFA keeping a eye on them, check out the back page of todays Sun.....

beale budgetpng

The last few months the Scottish media have been insinuating that "Rangers" have big money to spend to overhaul Celtic but now they have to tell the truth it will basically be loans and Bosmans. For a Bhoy who lived through watching Celtic in the 90's this is hilarious and their is no end in sight it's only going to get worse especially when they have the odd legal case to sort out

Enjoy your weekend and Bhoys and Ghirls!!!